Tuesday Trance Nights at Shiva Valley

2nd May, 2017

Line Up:

Shiva Valley Tuesday with a bit of extra birthday magic. Head on down if you’re still in goa to celebrate with our dj sister Savitha Bala. Blasting tunes all night from Priyanjanaa, Orion Project, 1eyed, Jimbo, Spec, Nitin and Digital Hippy. Enjoy.

25th April, 2017

Line Up:

Dj’s Jimbo, Nitin, 1eyed, P.T.B., Omar and Tamu.

Head down there from sunset and have a stomp.


18th April, 2017

Line up:

Dj’s 1eyed, Jovis Mr pink, Witch Doctor, microdot, Arjun Apu and Digital Hippy. Have fun..

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Shiva Valley