Projekt : TLQ
A brainchild of German singer/composer Tabea Luisa, Projekt : TLQ is an Indo-German collaboration, comprising of Tabea’s RnB/Soul compositions and interpretations of tunes written by RnB/Soul/Blues/Funk artists, put together by the band from India.

Projekt : TLQ are:
Tabea Luisa- Vocals, Compositions
Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Guitar
Bijit Bhattacharya- Bass
Premjit Dutta- Drum

The Bodhisattwa Trio
“The Bodhisattwa Trio” is an Avant Garde Jazz Rock outfit which believes in the expression of unadulterated human feelings, in the form of sounds created from the deep dark corners of the human mind. Depicting a unique mix of Jazz, Funk, drum-n-bass, Indian classical music, Rock and Blues, the trio, with BodhisattwaGhosh on Guitars,Bijit Bhattacharya on Bass and Premjit Dutta on Drums delivers a mix of original instrumental compositions which can only be described as “Dark Jazz”,with special emphasis on harmonic and rhythmic expansion, expressionism, theme and variation, virtuosity and spontaneous improvisation.

Entry Free on first come first serve basis.