Experimental Wednesday Kismat at Marbela Beach

We created this party for a little white cat Kismat, to find her a new caring owner. We will take Kismat with us so that you can get to know her, and we hope that she will find a new home!
Talented artist Maria Maslova, draw a picture that will be a symbol of Luck, Kindness and Love to animals!
The entry is donation and everyone who wants to join, will be able to go with us to the Siolim Center for Assistance to Homeless Animals this Thursday and give this money!
Also, come to congratulate our Nastya on her birthday!
As always, we dance until the morning!
And we will not say that this is the last “Wednesday in Marbella” .. let it be “extreme”! ))))))
19/04 | start 8 p m | Experimental Wednesday | Marbela Beach | Morjim | Goa


Dinastia & Eva Toya (Shamania Live) | Bubnov | Mohinesh | Tamu

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Marbela Beach