BLAST after BLAST at Nyex Beach Club

After The 2 amazing Blasts
FREEDOM blast and MONSOON blast..
We continue our ritual of after party for party freaks to celebrate our INDEPENDENCE.

Door Opens 15th August 2017 – 5pm

Line up (Live Set)
Madylite =7 (STM Records Switzerland) – Live Set
Yumi Mononke (France Squarelab Rec. ) – Live Set
NeLiO 1EyED (Hilltop Records Goa / France)

DJ set
Shamikh -(Visionary Shamanics Records Jordan)
Eshaxxx (Hypervision Records)
Grey Aatma (Shradda Devi Records)
Cosmic Oneness (Visionary Shamanics Records)
Psychosis (Vantara Vichitra Records)
Orion Project (Woo-Dog Recordings)
Audiopsysam (Kingdom Records)
Boompsy (Universal Dance Record)

Many More Coming up Soon….

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Nyex Beach Club